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Public wine tours

At this time we are not able to offer public wine tours.

Wine from Föhr!?

It started as an experiment by passionate proud Frisians, amidst the wild North Sea of Föhr, that we began cultivating wine.

On our guided wine tours, you'll learn how climate change has impacted Frisian wine cultivation and just exactly what our polar bear is all about...


Private wine tours

We welcome you to book a private wine tour for your business associates, colleagues, friends and family. Come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon sampling the best of what we have to offer.



Weingut Waalem 
Grevelingstieg 11 
25938 Nieblum/ Föhr


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Ute Kiefer-Kluge

Ihre Ansprechpartnerin bei uns

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Waalem Kul

Origin: Föhr, Schleswig-Holstein / Schleswig-Holstein vin ordinaire

Grape variety: Johanniter, Solaris

Taste: dry

Characteristics: clear and bright in the glass. Aromas of gooseberry, grapefruit, citrus and apple in the nose. Slightly mellow feel in the mouth with a refreshing acidity and aromas of apple, pear, citrus and honeydew. Nordic fresh, fruity and crisp. Waalem Kul – enjoy cold!


Waalem Brut

Origin: Föhr, Schleswig-Holstein / German sparkling wine, classic bottle fermentation

Grape variety: Johanniter

Taste: dry

Characteristics: Waalem Brut is made from simple Nordic fruit and goes well as an aperitif, at sparkling wine receptions or with all types of seafood. The Johanniter vines are harvested by hand in October, and the grapes are then carefully pressed. The sparkling wine matures on the yeast in the bottle for one year, and is then individually shaken by hand following the traditional French method of bottle fermentation.


Réserve Waalem

Origin: Föhr, Schleswig-Holstein / Schleswig-Holstein vin ordinaire

Grape variety: Johanniter, Solaris

Taste: dry

Characteristics: gentle aromas of honeydew, apple and yellow drupes in the nose. Mellow, juicy and rich in grapefruit, pear and gooseberry aromas in the mouth. Waalem Réserve – as distinctive and strong as the North Sea itself.


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