Surrounded by ever changing tides, wine fields and nature's best, Waalem vineyard offers a perfect location to host scientific retreats, AKG compliant meetings,conferences and exclusive business functions.

Two bright, spacious and modern event rooms provide an ideal place to congregate and can comfortably accomodate up to 30 people for professional meetings. We also offer several private rooms, including a library and extensive outdoor grounds to enjoy at your leisure.

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We look forward to helping you organize dinner reservations, engaging daily itineraries, and additional accommodation options (if necessary).  How about a hike through the tidelands or a guided tour of our famous Museum Kunst der Westküste art museum? We can coordinate all logistics for a customized and convenient stay at Weingut Waalem.

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    How about a hike through the mudflats?
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    Museum Kunst der Westküste, Alkersum
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  • འབྲུག་ཡུལ་
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Weingut Waalem offers 5 elegant  bedrooms, each designed in 19th century style, while providing all the luxuries and modern comforts of today.  Each of these spacious and authentically decorated rooms are inspired by a specific country or region, allowing you to journey to France, Bhutan, Denmark, Sweden and, of course, Föhr.

Enjoy magnificent vistas of the vineyards and sweeping views of the stunning beachfront, while relaxing to the sounds of the soothing North Sea tides.


Your appetite will be appeased by our culinary partners who have our professionally equipped kitchen at their disposal at Weingut Waalem. Together, we will ensure that your event will be an outstanding success.

We also personally prepare breakfast for our guests using fresh and delicious local ingredients.


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Christian Roeloffs